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    What is NT Legal Tint?

    NT Legal Tint is 35% tint on your vehicle's front doors and 15% tint on the rear doors and rear windscreen, as opposed to Australian Legal, which is 35% all over.

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    What happens if I move south and have NT Legal Tint?

    You may be required to strip the rear doors and rear windscreen to change your registration to another state.

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    What are some of the risks of darker than legal tint?

    If your tint is darker than legal and you are involved in an accident, your insurance company can refuse to pay your claim. Also if you are pulled over at anytime you might be asked to strip the tint off your vehicle.

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    Can you tint the front windscreen?

    Windscreens have a light tint built into the laminate (the layer between the two pieces of glass) so for visibility reasons you are unable to tint the whole windscreen. Although you are able to apply a tint strip across the top of the windscreen to reduce glare.

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