Eagle Tinting Service

Eagle Tinting Service for sharp, clear vision.




Eagle Tinting Service is a local, family-owned business operating with over 20 years' experience, providing quality tinting for all types of vehicles, homes, boats, caravans or your workplace. We confidently declare that we use the best quality tints available.

Glass tinting is an ideal way to preserve your interiors by helping to prevent harsh UV rays from damaging your car seats, home furnishings and office appliances. It also provides fantastic insulation to help reduce your energy bills and it can be used for safety, with its shatterproof qualities.

Eagle Tinting aims for perfection on every job. As an authorised and accredited dealer of Solar Gard®, we use window films that have a nationwide warranty and lifetime guarantee against bubbling, peeling and fading.

Solar Gard® is dedicated to providing energy efficiency for environment protection and its films are proven to block 99% of UV rays, up to 65% glare and up to 60% of heat, providing more comfort for you and your car, home or office.

Even decorative tints, which are a boost to your privacy, can have a positive effect on your utility bills. Plus, tinted films help hold the shards of glass together in case of accidental breakage.



Eagle Tinting Service offers an honest, reliable service to the people of Darwin and surrounding areas. By using a better quality product in the first instance, our customers receive a tint with superior longevity.