Eagle Tinting Service

Eagle Tinting Service for sharp, clear vision.




Eagle Tinting Service provides tinting for all manner of windows, auto glass and flat or shaped glass. We use Solar Gard® and SunTek® window film.


Drive cooler with window film installed in your vehicle. Window tinting is an investment that improves your driving comfort while adding to the value of your car.

Tinting looks great on any car or 4WD, boat, caravan or truck and has so many benefits.

Not only does window film decrease glare, it helps reduce wear and tear on your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Your upholstery is also less likely to fade and crack, increasing the durability of your car seats.

Eagle Tinting Service is qualified to effectively strip your old tint. Also, we are experts at removing permanent water spots on automotive glass. These pesky mineral deposits can mess with the aesthetic of your vehicle and can be tough to remove.


The great Aussie dream of owning your own home can be dampened by ongoing costly utility bills. Eagle Tinting Service can help you add value to your home by installing a window tint system.

Combat the sun's harsh UV rays with window tinting, which helps maintain a more even temperature inside your home. Tint film also acts as a safety feature if any glass windows or doors are accidentally broken. The film helps keep the shattered pieces of glass in one piece, so there's less risk of them flying about dangerously.

Tinting also looks great, and can be shade adjusted to perfectly suit your home. Privacy is another factor that is improved with the addition of glass tinting to your windows and doors.


With many workplaces incurring huge utility bills due to air-conditioning, window tinting can play a major part in keeping your staff comfortable while lowering your bills. You can achieve noticeable energy savings by installing glass tinting throughout your office.

Eagle Tinting Service can help protect your bottom line by installing Solar Gard® or SunTek® tint film, which starts working the moment it's applied to your glass.

There is an extensive range of solar films available, from high-performance to a more subtle tint. These films are made from high-quality materials and coated with durable metals, such as titanium, gold, silver, stainless steel, copper and aluminium and other alloys.

Help protect your staff, your property and yourself with our professional and thorough service.