Eagle Tinting Service

Eagle Tinting Service for sharp, clear vision.




Eagle Tinting Service supplies a range of products, from window films to stain removers. Come in and have a consultation with our friendly, trained staff to decide what kind of film you'd like applied to your windows. There are many different styles and strengths - all backed by warranties.
Eagle Tinting Service regularly tints heavy vehicles that are commissioned for work in the Northern Territory mines. We understand tough conditions and can apply a durable tint, cut to any size vehicle.
We can use Australian Legal tint, at 35%, or NT Legal tint, at 35% and 15% on all glass behind the driver. The lower the percentage the darker the tint.
Eagle Tinting Service uses Solar Gard® and SunTek®window films, and we sell a range of accessories, such as water stain remover and tint glue remover.
When applying the tint ourselves, we aim to provide a flawless finish. You can trust us with your specialist jobs.